4 ways to find yourself.

There are always people out there that feel lost. And, struggle to find who they really are. If so, just try the four things above.

Listen to a criticism about yourself : Listen to what others have to say. maybe you truly believe that you are the best/worst person in the world. but, if some tells you a little something about yourself just take it. depending on who it is and analyze it, if you believe it to be some what true. Then, take the advice and somehow try to learn a new way of doing things.

Do something that you are afraid to do : I know, sometimes I myself don’t feel completely comfortable in my own body. I sometimes feel as if their isn’t a challenge in my life. I wonder what I am here for. to do the same routine everyday? So, when you do feel like that, just think back to all the things you’ve always wondered about doing. If it’s from swimming in the ocean to flying on a plane and try it.

Look at others and see yourself :Sometimes we look at other people around us and notice all those small things we do and don’t like. But, as we look at them. Do we notice ourselves? while looking and thinking of the other person , do the exact same thing for yourself. Question yourself and you’ll see the truth.
Understand your dreams : We all have goals we set out for ourselves. But, do we know why we put those exact one’s out there ? Look deep into why you want to accomplish that. Think to yourself, what do you feel you will get out of it? If it’s helping others, saving lives, getting money. just try to figure that out for yourself.
The truth is no one knows you better than you know yourself.

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One Response to 4 ways to find yourself.

  1. Katherine says:

    Hey wow I’m really impressed I noticed that sometimes you really do have to leave people behind to have prosperity in your furture, I like it alot I would have never thought you wrote it congrats 🙂 Im glad and by the way it did call my attention that I should apply to myself .

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